Scope: Branding & social media
Date: November, 2019
Volv is a news platform that allows users to be informed in a short amount of time. When you think of news media you think of bright, provocative, loud. This is usually to stir up attention and create a buzz. Marketers use the push strategy and a lot of times it translates to visual noise. 
Volv takes a different apprach at showcasing news. Since news is usually absorbed in the wee hours of the morning, we aim for the experience to be one that is calming and soothing.


‘Volv’ is derived from the word evolve, which means to develop gradually. This is the core of the brand, around which the entire identity is built, from the logo, to the visual language.
The Volv logo demonstrates progress by displaying evolution through type. Each character develops gradually from the ancient blackletter to the simplified sans-serif typeface. While each character is different, it still comes together to form a cohesive unit.