Scope: Brand strategy & identity design
Date: November, 2019
Vcharge is an EV (electric vehicle) charging company in India. During the secondary research it was revealed that most consumer analysis focuses on the tangible benefits of conventional goods and services that perform utilitarian functions based on objective features. In contrast the experiential view focuses on symbolic meanings of subjective characteristics.
Through research it was found that a lot of B2B companies in this sector take the transactional approach. In contrast it is important to recognise that feelings, emotions and symbols play a vital role in consumption. To strike the emotive chord of the audience the brand personality of Vcharge is playful and still representative of the important environmental issues.
Studies suggest that sales of electric vehicles got increased by motivating people towards energy conservation and minimising environmental pollution. The consumer insight has been kept in mind, and used as a  focal point around which the brand design has been developed.