Scope: Brand naming, brand strategy, identity design
& campaign concept
Date: December, 2019
Unlable Therapy is a mental health organisation based in Mumbai, India. In the first few conversations with the client, it was very apparent that she wanted to tackle the stigma around mental health, which is still very prevalent in India. 
Seeking help is yet looked at suspiciously. People don't openly talk about their struggles, because it carries some amount of embarrassment and shame.
Problem: According to qualitative analysis, 60% of people with mental illness are likely to avoid discussing their mental health concerns openly due to the fear of being labelled or judged.  Furthermore, for these individuals, seeking support from a mental health professional is seen to be a sign of ‘weakness’.
Solution: At a time when rates of diagnosis for mental health conditions keep spiralling upward, it is worth imagining a world without diagnostic labels: one where an individual is assessed on his or her functional needs. Your attitude to mental health could change someone’s life. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, all of us are affected by language that dehumanises others and defines people only by their diagnosis.
If we want to change the conversation, we have to change the words. This is where Unlable Therapy steps in. It seeks to un-label therapy by starting a healthy conversation around mental health.
Most mental health clinics in India use muted colours, and have a corporate look and feel to them. We wanted our conversations to be heard, loud and proud. The colours we chose range from the dependable nude, to the happy yellow, approachable orange, calming sky blue etc.