Scope: Brand naming, branding, way-finding & lifestyle book
Date: November, 2019
The Jenga Tower, takes the form of an innovative stack of individual homes suggesting the new idea of a vertical neighbourhood in which each owner can choose a unique residence, albeit in the sky. 
The different levels of the building are rotated about the central axis and each of them is cantilevered, which generates a series of balconies that look like a Jenga Tower, and hence the name. The inspiration of the modular logo stems from the irregular disposition of the floors of 56 Leonard Street which causes each floor to be different.

The Jenga Tower

The design of 56 Leonard successfully combines the idea of old-fashioned home ownership with the present vernacular of luxury urban living. The blending of traditional, present and future needs demanded not only the incorporation of forward-thinking solutions but also a complete vision of sustainable and resilient design.